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How We Work

How I uniquely serve our clients

I partner with a select group of individuals using a comprehensive approach to wealth management. A unique advantage of working with my firm is that I specialize in working with clients with what my experience has shown me is the 8 wealth Management Issues that clients like you are likely to face at some point in their lives.

  1. Investment Planning
  2. Cash Flow & Debt Management
  3. Family Risk Management
  4. Retirement Planning
  5. Education Planning
  6. Business Planning
  7. Legacy Planning
  8. Special Situations Planning

One that you may notice is missing is tax planning, a key focus of my firm, It is not specifically listed as a Wealth Management Issue because, in fact it is really a common thread through all 8 Wealth Management Issues. By working with my firm, you will know that I am examining each of these issues through a disciplined approach with your best interest in mind including your current situation, future, feelings and family dynamics while also considering the tax impact involved in planning for each of the issues.

 How I am able to provide this level of service

At my firm, I carefully examine each of these 8 issues on an ongoing basis using the 8 wealth management Issues Document with each of our clients. Every client is unique and therefore the timing of when each of these issues will become priority for you is unique too. To accomplish this, I commit to know you well enough that I can proactively help you anticipate when these issues will become priorities, and I can come to you proactively with ideas, suggestions and alternatives that need to be considered to address these issues. In this way I have found that I serve an essential role on the overall wealth management team by bringing your other advisers to the table, early on, in the analysis and solution development process

The vast resources that support me in providing this level of service

Very often, I discuss the needs and potential financial solutions with the other qualified members of my team, but, I too have an extended family of specialists, including attorneys and banking professionals. A vital part of our extended family is my broker/dealer- Avantax Investment Services allows me to be completely independent and provides me with a high level of services so I can serve you better. Not only do they provide me with the latest in financial planning and funding resources, but they provide an unparalleled due diligence process in gauging and monitoring the myriad of investment, insurance and banking products available.

How I deliver this service locally in a highly personalized way

Now the one thing that my clients tell me time after time s that the reason they choose to do business with my firm is the outstanding level of service my team delivers. For example, you can expect to speak to a human being any time you call during normal business hours, and any voice mails left or e-mails sent are returned by close of business each day. I am truly excited to provide these services because I get to work with great people, and find extreme fulfillment in helping the families of my community. Clients often comment about their comfort of my long-term relationships and of the confidence they now feel about their financial future as they work with my firm- my family.